District 1 has always been the beating heart of HCM City since the day it was created by merging Districts 1 and 2 in 1976.

It is the city’s, and the southern region’s, economic, financial, art and culture, administrative, and diplomatic hub.

With its hectic financial, services and banking activities all around the year, District 1 is considered Viet Nam’s Manhattan (of New York), the world’s busiest financial centre.

Inspired by Manhattan, property developer Novaland Group, decided to build The Grand Manhattan in District 1, a luxury condo and hotel complex situated at the corner of two streets, Co Giang and Co Bac.

When building it, Novaland sought to make it a new symbol of construction that will be enshrined forever in the city’s history.

People living in the complex can quickly go to the most famous market in the city, Ben Thanh, to try the best of Sai Gon’s foods.

It will also just take them a few minutes to reach the Art Museum, which is housed in the former residence of the famous real-esate moghul, Hua Bon Hoa, who was one of the four richest men in Sai Gon.

His three-storeyed house was the first building in Viet Nam to have an escalator.

Iconic structures in Sai Gon


Ben Thanh Market Roundabout – Timeless icon of the vibrant Sai Gon

The nearby September 23 Park is an ideal place for people to walk, jog and do other morning exercises under green trees.
Not too far away are also the Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral and Independence Palace, another beautiful place in which to walk and sightsee.

Do not have much time to go far for walking? Not a big issue, because right at The Grand Manhattan is a place with green trees where residents can take a walk.

The developer has used 4,200sq.m to develop a park and amenities to bring residents a peaceful oasis in the heart of bustling District 1.

Looking out through their windows, residents can admire the charming Sai Gon and its famous construction. This is the invaluable gift that The Grand Manhattan brings to its residents.

International living standards


HCM City seeks to become an economic and fiance hub of Southeast Asia in the near future.

In addition to becoming an iconic construction in Sai Gon, The Grand Manhattan will also bring a new lifestyle to the city by meeting all conceivable global standards.

It will also meet the working and living demands of the future.

For instance, it is just a short commute for its occupants to reach grade A office buildings and the city’s financial centre, Sai Gon’s Wall Street so to speak.

In nearby streets like Nguyen Cong Tru, Pho Duc Chinh, Nguyen Thai Binh, and Le Thi Hong Gam are the offices of a number of securities and finance companies. A few minutes from there are many five-star hotels and companies where taken place many business transactions.

With 128 central and city government offices, District 1 is the seat of administration. It is also home to 28 diplomatic misions, including the consulates of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, and Canada.

This is a decided advantage since Grand Manhattan’s occupants will be people who travel a lot and overseas Vietnamese who work in many places but want to settle down in Sai Gon.

Director Victor Vu and her wife are new residents of The Grand Manhattan. They visit the show house of The Grand Manhattan Project at the Novaland Gallery.


The future trade centre which connects Ben Thanh Station and four metro lines will meet all transportation needs.
Nearby Bui Vien, the famous street for foreigners, is a good place to chill out.

At The Grand Manhattan, residents will enjoy a number of international standard facilities like a pool, BBQ garden and kitchen yard equipped with famous brands like Kohler, Schneider, etc.

A shopping and food and beverage centre will be built inside the project besides five-star hotel Avani Saigon. This will be a good place to meeting to discuss investment opportunities.

Businesspeople, the affluent, artists, overseas Vietnamese, and foreigners can all find a comfortable life with international standards at The Grand Manhattan where they can also find a local life of Sai Gon.

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